The Founders

Sara Margulis, Co-founder and CEO

Photo of Sara Margulis, CEO of Sara applies her extensive background in online marketing to her role as CEO. After starting her marketing career with a wine-industry dot-com, Sara continued honing her skills while working at a private San Francisco University. There, she handled many aspects of the online marketing program, including SEO, e-mail marketing and web content. Sara earned her MBA in marketing from Golden Gate University in 2004.

Today, Sara is considered an expert on wedding gift etiquette, crowd giftingTM/crowdfunding, entrepreneurship and women in leadership roles. She also enjoys speaking to inspirational topics like charitable giving, work-life balance, enjoyable productivity and business ethics.

Josh Margulis, Co-founder and CTO

Photo of Josh Margulis, CTO of Honeyfund.comJosh brings his top-notch technical skills and targeted expertise to Honeyfund. Having worked at Adobe Systems, both as a software engineer in the digital imaging and Web-authorizing division and then as a systems engineer, as well as at Macromedia, Microsoft and Xerox, Josh's wealth of technical knowledge has grown Honeyfund and Plumfund into the platforms they are today. Josh received his bachelor of science in computer engineering and computer science from the University of Southern California in 2000.

As an expert in Adobe Creative Suite and an entrepreneur himself, Josh frequently speaks on these topics, as well as website performance optimization and applicaton architecture.


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