Cash Gift & Crowdfunding Etiquette

You're setting up a Plumfund registry and you're not sure how to spread the word. Or better yet, your Plumfund campaign has brought together all the generous people in your life, you've reached your goal, and you're thrilled! Now what? Here's the all-important etiquette advice you need about crowdfunding, crowd-gifting, asking for cash instead of gifts, and how to raise money tactfully. Just click a question. And if you have questions that aren't here, contact us.

Is it acceptable to ask for cash instead of gifts?

Yes! Any time you are celebrating a special life occasion that would normally involve presents, Plumfund is a great way to ask for money instead of gifts. Read on for our tips on how to do it tastefully.

  • Write a detailed description of the special wish you are saving for. This way guests have the feeling they are contributing toward something exciting and something you really want and need, as opposed to the impersonal gift of strict cash.
  • Make sure to send prompt and thoughtful thank you notes. Tell the giver how you used their funds and how much their generous gift meant to you. You can use our e-mail tool to first acknowledge the gift, but be sure to follow up with a handwritten note if possible.
  • Never put the burden of a transaction fee on the giver. (Plumfund never charges contributors a fee.)

How should I ask for donations to a campaign or fund? Will people contribute to my cause?

When using Plumfund for a fundraising campaign, ask yourself these questions: Can I get contributors excited about my cause? Can I give them a sense of making a difference by giving to my campaign? If you can answer yes to both, you're on the right track. Follow these tips to ensure your fund is a success:

  • Start by including a lively photo or video of your project or fundraiser.
  • Write a thoughtful description of your cause and who benefits from donations to it.
  • Promote your campaign! Use our tools to share your campaign with those who will care most about your work: Are they friends? family? community members? Add them all to your contact list.
  • Send donors regular updates about your campaign and how you are using the funds
  • Include photos of your work, project or progress
  • Express genuine gratitude in your updates
  • Send a heartfelt thank-you note along with a small gift, even if it's just a nice photo of your finished product, goal or accomplishment, made possible by their generosity

Remember any contribution you receive becomes the basis for a new relationship with the donor. Show your appreciation and treat them like a most special and cherished friend.

Who should pay the transaction fee on a cash gift or donation?

Contributors should never pay a transaction fee to donate to your cause or give you the gift of funds. Some fundraising and cash registry sites justify their high fees by saying it is "less than tax and gift wrapping on a traditional gift." This may be true, but we find it awkward to charge someone a fee to give you money. For this reason, Plumfund offers free, offline payment methods. And, if you choose to accept online credit card payments, we offer you the lowest transaction fees available. Contributors never pay a fee.

How should I spread the word about my plumfund?

Plumfund's new sharing tools let you easily share your fund via e-mail or Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest! Still, certain events include standards of etiquette we recommend you follow:

  • Baby shower registry: You can mention your Plumfund campaign right in the shower invitation!
  • Birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, baptisms, bar mitzvahs or quinceaneras: make sure you tell those closest to you. They will help you spread the word.
  • Fundraisers for organizations, charities or friends-in-need can be announced any way you see fit! Use our sharing tools to help you spread the word via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Is it proper etiquette to mention my plumfund in a shower or party invitation?

If your plumfund is serving as a shower registry, it is perfectly acceptable to include information in the invitation. Otherwise, see the previous question for sharing ideas.

Do I still need a traditional registry?

If you are using Plumfund for a baby shower, we recommend you create at least one conventional gift registry for the traditionalists on your guest list. This way, your guests can choose from a wide range of things they know you'll need.

And there's one more benefit of a traditional registry: Many department stores entice you to "complete" your registry after the shower by offering you up to 20% off remaining items. So if there is anything you really wanted, you can get it later at a discount.

Where can I get more info about online fundraising, crowdfunding and cash gift etiquette?

Here are some resources we found on the topic: