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Hello! We're glad you stopped by. Let us introduce ourselves…

From the creators of, welcome to We're all about one thing: Making your dream happen ...

…without high fees!

In 2006, we started a simple and free honeymoon registry that is now the #1 online wedding registry! Ever since, our beloved couples have been asking us about babyfunds and anniversary funds and project funds.

So Plumfund was born!

We know there are other "crowdfunding" sites out there. In fact, we've checked out some of their wonderful fundraising campaigns. But, WOW, the fees are just too high. And we think that's a shame.

We've also noticed something awkward...

...words like "fund me" and "go go" feel just a bit wrong when wonderful folks are celebrating a friend or loved one, or raising money for something they believe in. We know you just want to give and receive tastefully, that's why we are pleased to offer you our free crowd-gifting platform, based on 14-years gifting experience.

With Plumfund, giving feels good.


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