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Tryna Make It

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A hardship fund forErika C

$2,605 given of $5,000 goal

Tryna Make It

Started by: Erika Clark


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Hello! Oh man, I get anxiety asking my parents for money let alone people I don’t know. Primarily because I know my parents also need their funds where they are and would still give their last $20 just to know that I ate or got to where I needed safely. This time the financial need and stress has gone beyond anything I can manage. I need some assistance in making sure I can continue to keep the stress somewhat at bay. Thank you for any thing that you can give or share! Love.


Been working hard to obtain my degree in Social Work since 2011.

I took a year off after graduating high school to help provide care for my grandmother who was bed ridden at the time. Since then I have fought and struggled to make it through my undergrad experiencing overwhelming amounts of grief with numerous losses and struggles with finances that have come along with being a first generation college student. These struggles led to taking time off throughout the past decade. I continued to manage a number of stressful situations where my grief and trauma went unchecked and those closest to me were struggling as well. I have worked hard to get to where I am now and fight to keep that strength within myself despite everything life has continued to throw in my path.

It has taken months for me to ask for financial assistance but my circumstances have gone beyond manageable.

-I am in need of a laptop to complete my degree

I had to return my previous laptop as it belonged to my prior employment. The environment became an increasingly toxic place to be for women of color as I witnessed not only the distress it caused me but also that of others before me and during my time there. Coworkers would post harmful rhetoric regarding the pandemic and I would tear it down and speak up. They would make comments in response to my attendance of protests but they knew I am proud of who I am and what I stand for. The disparaging remarks were consistently made and I had to leave for my own well-being . The environment of comfort in ignorance within a nonprofit organization was sickening and I had to go. I was overworked and under paid, implementing programs that would not only benefit our employees with an increase in supervisor communication and pay but also strengthen the relationships with customers and allow for the opportunities to create additional revenue for the organization overall. The problem was they had forgotten their mission was to serve the people and not their pockets.

- I have to pay my schooling for this final year.

I am past due in my remaining balance for this year of 2,300 and the interest rate grows each month regardless of the communication I have had with the university since the beginning of the school year about financial struggles face during COVID.

I have sold a vehicle to stay on top of bills and unfortunately the only vehicle I have and have needed for work has continued to break down paying large amounts for repairs.

-Starter went out on my car.

In need of funds to get up and running. Began driving delivery services and had everything budgeted out to stay afloat.

This is not the first time I have shelled out large sums of money to get my vehicle fixed. The problem has been in finding someone that gets it done right and actually completes a full diagnostic these days. I still owe on it so I cannot just sell it or scrap it.

-Behind on rent.

Self explanatory but I have been in communication with my landlord to pay as I can.


Account balance is negative due to automatic payments that I cancelled but were not processed until rejected. I have set it up so I don’t run into it again next month but will be marked rather as a missed payment until I can get caught up. My bank unfortunately was only able to reimburse some of the insufficient fund fees.

If it wasn’t for my loaner laptop I received from the university breaking down this morning I would honestly probably have attempted to manage as best as I have been which has been barely if not at all.


I have applied for benefits in the meantime and am waiting for the processing to go through and back on the bus taking necessary precautions with COVID.

The amount being asked for is not the full amount needed to get out of this rut in its entirety but will hopefully buy me enough time until I get back on my feet with work.

Latest Update

$350/975 received to get my car out of the shop this week. Thank you so much, still waiting to hear back on other options applied to for funding.

Posted by Erika

November 23 at 3:46am

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Got a call today after the dealership called after getting the key and figuring out that it was indeed the starter like I said and showed with other diagnostics run by Honest mechanic (which it lives up to their name). Either way both the starter and key were replaced and things are said to be running properly. The only other things recommended were cleaning the plug and seals on my moonroof and to replace my battery. Showed them the warranty paperwork on that so I can do that my self and for free if it doesn’t hold after a recharge. But this is where we are at. She should be out as soon as I get this job! Pray for me y’all. Applying for this job and the deadline closes on the 30th but it’s with an organization whose values and ideals align with many of my own and pays a livable wage that I can definitely see allowing me to get myself getting out of this financial rut. The best part about this invoice is that although it went up 900 from the original quote it also came back down 300!

Posted by Erika

November 22 at 12:21am

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Called company for old repo settlement, that I was consistently paying and is almost paid off, to update them again that I was going to be late on my payment. This transferred me to a collections agency. I spoke with the rep and let them know of my situation. From here we developed a new agreement as I had hoped to be employed by the end of November at the latest I told her. Cool, got it set back up with settlement amount versus the original which was ten thousand more. Called them back on the 19th to inform that I may need a few more days to get the money owed. I was then told to call the original lender because it went back to them. I called and there was again nothing they could do to set a date because the system automatically cancels them out and they had “no clue of when that would happen” I simply said okay thank you I will get it paid as soon as I can. That very night after Bible study my friend then messaged me saying that their mom wanted my Venmo. Late payments paid! πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ

Posted by Erika

November 22 at 12:08am

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In the meantime I’m trying to finish out this semester at Warner while also working on something structured for our community safety. They have ordered a new key and with the reprogramming we will see what kind of damage has been done to the 22 modules that were flagged. This will cost upwards of 400 dollars to complete. With the donations I received the first time this was posted I have caught up on bills to help me stay a float and get to this point. Thank you all again for the support and assistance it has been enough to allow me to continue to formulate my next steps. Additional funds are still needed to complete this hopefully final step with my car and I get back to work! Y’all don’t know how many interviews I had where my limited hours because of school and need for public transportation was an issue for folks. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ Anything helps and thank you again to those that have reached out and aided in non financial ways as well. πŸ’™βœ¨

Posted by Erika

November 18 at 9:32pm

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UPDATE: $Rekababy-Cashapp @insanitythrill-Venmo I received funds last week to get my car diagnosed and it turns out that after getting all of the other work done that I have completed over the past two years it has now come down to it being an electrical issue. I finally got it in to an HONEST mechanic. From here we discussed the best plan of action considering I had put a lot of work into this vehicle previously just to keep it safe while driving and continuing to run as needed for work. To the dealership we went. From here I was equipped with the questions that I needed answers to. My vehicle was completely wrecked by someone I was helping out in 2018. Over the past couple of years I have been able to get it back up and running gradually, as I also had my Jeep to drive. Around April/May I made the decision to sell my Jeep because the head gaskets were going through it and I couldn’t continue the maintenance on both.

Posted by Erika

November 18 at 9:27pm

First Last (Not First? Sign Out)

I have received responses of people asking how to help in additional ways and couldn’t be more grateful. A recent classmate and his family gifted me a laptop which will aid greatly with school and the research efforts I am currently digging into. Desktop has also been gifted for remote work opportunities! πŸ™ŒπŸΎ I had a couple of interviews last week and was unable to commit because I did not have a functional device to utilize. I do now, so let’s make it happen!! πŸ™πŸΎDonations received at the moment have already gone towards paying off a portion of last month’s payments that didn’t go through. Also, purchasing the part and service needed to get my vehicle back up and running. Will have to call tow truck to get it towed to the shop.

Posted by Erika

October 28 at 7:19am

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