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B green App

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A community fund forOur planet

$2,742 given of $158,000 goal

B green App

Started by: Philippa Settels


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Hello lovely human!


Thank you for taking a moment to look at my Plumfund page!


My name is Philippa from B green.


For nearly a decade now I have been on a HUGE and very important mission to help educate people on the importance of living a greener lifestyle and create a better world and a brighter future for my children, and for your children as well. They deserve a much healthier world in which to live and thrive in, wouldn't you agree?


B green is launching an App that will help empower people to make healthier more earth-friendly choices while mitigating the effects of climate change. The B green App will literally change the face of the planet!


In order to accomplish my mission, I am reaching out to you for help!


In this past century alone, we as humans have tripled our world population. We have also tripled our consumption of Earth's resources in only the last 40 years. Currently, we are living way beyond our planet's capacity to sustain us...


By continually extracting and burning fossil fuels, cutting down precious trees for building cities and suburbs and for growing grain to feed livestock, and consuming products made or grown in unsustainable ways here and halfway around the world during these last hundred years (aka "globalization"), we have not only depleted the biodiversity on our planet by causing plant and animal species to dwindle and in many cases go extinct, we have also caused temperatures to rise steadily which are responsible for the climate change devastation we are witnessing at increasing rates around the world today.


We can however turn this situation around together, before it gets worse, and create a better and brighter future for ourselves, our families, communities, cities and the world at large by drastically reducing and capturing our carbon emissions in order to avoid permanent and irreversible damage. I believe that it is our collective responsibility to do so. This coming decade is our golden opportunity in which to accomplish just that, as time is seriously running out!


This is where you come in:


By becoming a B green App contributor you will help towards making your local green economy thrive. We will be highlighting a carefully curated list of services, products & creations, farmers & growers, wholesalers & retailers near you, whose mission aligns completely with ours.


Consumers will be rewarded with discounts for choosing the above-mentioned businesses, who take their socially ethical and environmentally friendly business practices to heart, over those who are continually damaging the environment, and abusing humans and animals in the process.


Other rewards will be given and accumulate over time which can be redeemed in different ways (TBA)...


Also, a large percentage of the proceeds from the App will benefit organizations that are planting trees to help capture carbon in the atmosphere and reverse the effects of climate change, as well as several other conservation and regeneration efforts. Trees are the most natural and cost-effective way to capture carbon and prevent increasing temperatures. Trees offer food and shelter to countless species. Trees provide life-sustaining oxygen. Trees are vital for our survival. We need to conserve what's left and regenerate what's been lost, and we need to do it in a hurry!


Consumerism has been a major player responsible for polluting the air, soil and waterways of our beautiful planet, and for the plastic crisis and devastating effects of climate change seen today. Consumerism is also a major part of our daily lives but we can do it more consciously, ethically and responsibly, by lessening our environmental footprint in the process!

Why not purchase things that will help the planet, rather than destroy it? Why not make each purchase remedy the problem rather than make it worse? I have always said that we vote with our dollars and we, the people, have all the power as well as the solutions within our own hands - and our pocketbooks!


The vision is to eventually (much sooner than later!) have the App available and accessible globally, for the the whole world to have access to their own local green businesses, with their discounts and rewards and their own local tree planting and conservation efforts. The idea with this App is to help globally, by supporting locally and by redefining "globalization" as we know it.


The App will be free for green businesses to join the directory. If you own or know a green business, get in touch with me!


Becoming a B green contributor will help change the world in a very meaningful and impactful way by changing the way we consume! It will help you live a healthier and happier life. It will take the guess work out of the equation for you, saving you time and money. It will help create a better future for the generations to come... Become a B green contributor today and you will help change the face of our planet!


To those of you who have already contributed and to future contributors, a deep heartfelt thank you for helping B green fulfill its mission! Your contribution means the world to me and will create a better world for us all. Together we can all make a difference!


Many blessings,

Philippa, B green





Latest Update

We wish to thank our many contributors for helping us create a difference with B green's app. Please spread the word as we need more funds to have the app developed... For the price of a cup of coffee , or more if possible, you can make our world a whole lot greener (quite literally, as we will be planting lots of trees!) Thank you and many blessings! Philippa and the B green app team :)

Posted by Philippa

November 18 at 11:29pm

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Coming soon to the palm of your hand... 😁🤚📱 We are SO excited about creating a better and brighter future with the development of B green's App! 😍☀️👊😎🙌 An App that will literally change the face of our planet by helping to mitigate the effects of climate change!🚨🌍🔥🌀 An App that will help YOU live a healthier life, and save you time and money, while boosting the local economy in a socially responsible and ethical way! 😊⏰💰♀️♂️☯️☮ Help us build it by contributing what you can today, and BE a part of the change! Together we can all make a difference! 😊💚🌍🌱🌿🌳 #bgreen #bgreenforaregenerativefuture #bgreenapp

Posted by Philippa

June 15 at 9:19pm

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Posted by Philippa

February 12 at 4:06pm

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  • Alicia Davila44 weeks ago Best wishes.
  • Anonymous44 weeks ago
  • Patrizia Caporali47 weeks ago I know how beautiful your soul is and how true your heart is and I support you and your dream to make a difference in this world for our present and future. Thank you for you efforts to help the world heal and teach us to be better and B Green!🌳 ❤️🌎
  • Olivier Guertin1 year ago Best wishes.
  • Deborah Humphrey1 year ago Best wishes. Here is my contribution to your cause Phillipa
  • Maxine Morehouse1 year ago Best wishes.
  • Keren Penney1 year ago You rock Philippa!
  • Anonymous1 year ago
  • Loraine Overall1 year ago This app is a necessity in today's world to help consumers easily navigate to places of business that share the important values of social responsibility, sustainability, and respect for our planet. Fantastic idea!
  • Adam Johnson1 year ago
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