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Willi & Judy's 80/50 Celebration!

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A travel fund forWilli & Judy's 80/50 Celebration

$2,075 given of $4,000 goal

Willi & Judy's 80/50 Celebration!

Started by: Michele Stormer


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Shhhhhh… IT’S A SURPRISE!!!

This year marks TWO INCREDIBLY SPECIAL MILESTONES for two of the most incredibly special people on the planet. March 30 is my dad WILLI’S 80th BIRTHDAY, and July 3rd is my parent’s JUDY & WILLI’S 50th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY! Holy double whammy Batman!!


For the better part of the year I have performed countless somersaults in my mind trying to figure out how to make 2020 special for them. Perpetually frugal, rarely ever treating themselves or expecting others to reciprocate generosity, they firmly expressed no desire for gifts. Now in their golden years they are also seeking to downsize. So what to do?!


After some poking and prodding they both shyly admitted to what I knew they had always dreamt about — to travel. My mom has had a lifelong insatiable drive to seek out new places and things. Up until a few months ago my dad managed to keep most of his life’s dreams to himself but had been secretly wanting to travel to Hawaii for decades! Whaaat????!! I’m fairly certain he’s hiding a few other places he’d like to visit as well! They had always hoped they’d see more of this world but for many reasons were just never able to make it happen. Aware that they might not have many more chances to travel at their age they genuinely seemed dejected. It broke my heart. I knew I had to do something about it, so here we are!


As many of you know my parents immigrated to the US from Germany in the 1960’s. A classic immigrant story, they came here with little money or resources, worked tirelessly, and invested everything they had to create opportunity for me so that I wouldn’t have to struggle as they did. From my dad’s grueling 5 hour daily commute for 30+ years (!), to my mom’s relentless determination to remain employed while dealing with a debilitating and misunderstood illness, my parents rarely displayed their struggles publicly.


Throughout the years the great sacrifices they made to give me a better life eventually started paying off. It helped me pave a path to higher education and find the field of my dreams and a career that I loved. I worked my tail off the way I had learned from them. I was happy, grateful, driven, and truly owed my successes to them. I wanted nothing more than to pay it forward. However after a series of familial hardships and unremitting stress at work, my health began to decline. I struggled for a decade and a half with medical problems before eventually succumbing to the same disability that forced my mom to leave the workforce 23 years ago.


On the surface much of what my parents worked hard for, what they came to America to accomplish, might wrongfully appear to have been all for naught. My dad was forced into an early retirement when his company moved (yet again) to another state, my mom’s health forced her to quit working at age 50, and I had to leave the workforce for the same reasons as her just 3 years ago. After so many years of sacrifice and giving up their aspirations so that I could have my own, here I was now unable to move forward with this path they helped set me on. More than anything this just made me want to see them reap the benefits of their hard work even more.


But life is not always about the destination, it’s about the journey. To be truly successful, to truly be blessed in life, is to be able to experience love along life’s way. There is never failure where there is love, and I have never known a more unequivocal love than from my mom and dad. Many people reach lifelong goals but fail to have meaningful relationships to share those successes with. Not everyone in this world is so fortuitous, and this makes me believe that despite many things we are some of the luckiest folks on earth because we have been privileged to carry each other along the way. And while I’m touched that we’ve all had a chance to partake in this love fest, after all these years it’s about time my parents had their day in the sun and get to enjoy their destination as well!


In eternal gratitude for all their sacrifice and for giving me the world, I would love to be able send them anywhere in the world they decide to go! And what better way for family and friends who have been touched by their love and kindness over the years as well to say how much they mean to you too! I’m hoping we can make this an 80th Birthday and 50th Wedding Anniversary they will never forget!


I plan to present this gift to my parents at their surprise party in March. Not ever wanting to be the center of attention my parents specifically asked me NOT to throw a party for them. So I decided to throw them a party! There’s no way we would ever want to celebrate these milestones without family and friends, let’s let this familial love fest continue! Party’s on! Invitations to follow.



The hope is to raise enough funds to send my parents on an inclusive vacation to somewhere amazing. They would really love to see someplace they’ve never been to, but haven’t narrowed anything down since they don’t know they’re going anywhere. Once they have made a decision I will update this account to fill you all in… I am just as curious as you!



Double the love! Double the joy! What better way to celebrate two magnificent people for their two magnificent milestones! Happiness is a dog with two tails! Weird analogy, but spot on.



I know Willi & Judy will be touched beyond words by everyone's love and generosity. We love you all so very much and thank you for being such a memorable part of their celebration and their lives! ❤️



Feel free to pass this along to anyone you think might want to participate that I might have accidentally left out. BECAUSE THIS IS A SURPRISE, please remember to tell others to keep it a secret! FYI, my parents are not on social media so no worries there! 😊

Latest Update

Hi all, it's fairly obvious that this celebration has been delayed on account of COVID. It breaks my heart, but the second we get a chance to safely reconvene we will. A HUGE heartfelt thanks to all of you who have already bequeathed my parents with a gift via Plumfund. Thank you greatly for your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Posted by Michele

August 28 at 2:42pm

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  • Laura & Mark Yunque3 weeks ago Happy 50th Anniversary! Love, Laura & Mark
  • Gabrielle & Siobain Duffy3 weeks ago Best wishes! Gabrielle & Siobain
  • Isabella Weiss28 weeks ago Happy Birthday Uncle Willi! Congratulations on 50 Years of Marriage Uncle Willi & Aunt Judy! Love Isabella, JV & Maya
  • Anonymous29 weeks ago
  • Anonymous30 weeks ago Best wishes Willi & Judy!
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