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Making Baby Cadoret a Reality

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A medical fund forNaomi & Chris Cadoret

$10,170 given of $28,500 goal

Making Baby Cadoret a Reality

Started by: Naomi Cadoret


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✨Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.✨


Our names are Naomi and Christopher Cadoret, and for the past 5 years we have been in an ALL OUT BATTLE with INFERTILITY.


We married 14 years ago, and from the start he was ready to start our family. After years of trying to conceive on our own, we sought help through fertility treatments.


Over the years, we’ve gone through procedure after procedure (too many IUI’s to count) hoping🤞🏼, praying🙏🏼, pleading 😫with God that ‘this’ time blesses us with a baby.


~ Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. Proverbs 3:5


This fundraiser gives us hope. It gives us a chance to fulfill our hearts desires of holding a baby in our arms...of pouring all our love into a tiny little being that with arms stretched out will one day utter the words 'momma' and 'daddy' as he looks to us.




The total funds are needed upfront to move forward with the IVF program we were approved for at the Shady Grove’s fertility clinic. This fundraiser starts with making Baby Cadoret a reality, but that is just the beginning.


Your donation will be a gift that keeps on giving through my efforts in helping others to get their baby blessing. As it is now my passion with the intent of using my personal experience throughout this to start a nonprofit or grant fund that will sponsor IVF for other struggling families.


Your support shows what is possible, what we are capable of achieving when we come together as a community for a greater purpose.




I’m being completely vulnerable in sharing our story and putting it ALL out there, despite how scary and difficult it is to share, and believe me this is not easy.


The IVF program we have been approved for required us to repeat MANY medical tests, blood work, and multiple investigative surgeries for the approval process, all of which we paid for out of pocket. Thankfully we were approved for the program based on the results from all the tests. Yay!


The Dr stated at our last appointment that we have a small window of time to move forward, otherwise we will have to start the approval process all over again which means repeating all the procedures again which costs us $1000’s, and there’s no guarantee that we will be approved a second time as he stated there is no time to spare.


So essentially we have a few weeks to generate the funds needed to move forward with the IVF program and get this baby-making process under way. :)


From the bottom of our hearts we humbly ask that you support our cause by sharing this link with friends and family and if possible in giving (any amount will help).


~ YOU can help make Baby Cadoret a Reality! And start a movement to help so many others in the process! ~


1) GIVE whatever you can. No donation is too small.

2) SHARE this fundraiser on social media (#BabyCadoret2020)

3) EMAIL this page - - to your family + friends.


With gratitude,

Naomi & Chris Cadoret


TO HEAR MY FULL STORY with all the details, just keep on reading OR copy and paste the URL below in your browser to view the video: :)




We were put through every test, investigative procedures, and surgeries just to receive the frustrating diagnosis of 'Unexplained Infertility’.


So we started with the least invasive treatments and got pregnant in 2015. I remember the sheer joy and happiness I felt when a pregnancy test confirmed what my body was already telling me…...I WAS PREGNANT!


I remember falling to the floor, the test in hand, and tears of joy streaming down my cheeks. FINALLY, I was the wife that got to surprise her husband the wonderful news “We’re having a baby!”


The following weeks were full of excitement ...tracking the size of our growing baby, celebrating when our little sweet pea grew to the size of a blueberry, and then a raspberry. Days spent thinking of names, and excitedly planning how we were going to announce the exciting news to our family’s. The plan was set….. having them open a gift wrapped picture frame of our little raspberry saying hi to the world in her very first photo shoot aka sonogram picture.


Before that day would come, we would lose the pregnancy.


At the time my family was visiting us from out of state. As we sat outside enjoying each other’s company one evening, I started experiencing slight cramps and knew in my heart that something was wrong. I tried my best not to worry. I kept telling myself that everything was fine and kept silent about what was going on inside my body and head. I couldn’t bare the thought of telling Chris. I awoke the next morning with further symptoms and was called in to see my Dr. immediately.


Just as my body so accurately told me I was pregnant, it also so accurately told me when I was no longer.


The 30 minute drive home that day was a blur ...thoughts swarming my head,

- “How am I going to tell Chris that we lost the pregnancy?,

- Why did this happen?,

- Is it my fault?

- Could I have done something differently?”


In a matter of moments we went from total elation and 8 weeks pregnant to completely devastated and part of a new group…..the miscarried.


We always hear that God works in mysterious ways, and on this day I felt like a cruel joke was being played on us. Just thinking about this, having to relive this moment that I am about to share with you has me in tears. My heart breaks all over again. Shattered in pieces and ugly it was yesterday…..


This day will forever be burned into my memory. God was showing us his sense of humor on this day ya’ll.


Just hours after finding out we had miscarried, mine and Chris’ phones started lighting up with Facetime video calls from his brother and sister. We looked at each other and we both knew that this was going to hurt ...on the other end of that video call was his brother, sister, and his mom overjoyed with happy tears holding a sonogram in a gift wrapped frame showing THEIR little 8 week raspberry saying hi to the world.


As we were SILENTLY and SECRETLY grieving the loss of our 8 week baby, we were given the wonderful but heart-stabbing news of their blessing and in the SAME EXACT way we had planned on sharing our blessing.


It was like we were seeing our story play out, the one we envisioned since the day I fell to the floor with tears streaming down my face and the positive pregnancy test in hand, I mean every detail of our plan including the people involved, but it wasn’t our story after all...our story had a very different ending that day.


I looked over at Chris and saw the heartbreak in his eyes, both of us trying our best to put on a face of cheer and elation for them, but in reality we were so broken and every word seemed like another knife to the heart. Behind the masks we were devastated; silently breaking inside while smiling for the camera.


I couldn’t help but think, “Like are you kidding me!? Is this really happening right now?! I mean today of all days!”


What should have been a moment of joy and celebration (don’t get me wrong we were happy for them) was instead one of heartaches.


Since that day, we’ve gone through procedure after procedure (too many IUI’s to count) hoping🤞🏼, praying🙏🏼, pleading 😫with God that ‘this’ time blesses us with a baby.


After all failed we started IVF. 💸💉💊🌡. There is no way to know what this process is like, and how it affects literally EVERY aspect of one’s life, unless you’ve gone through it... emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, hormonally, financially, marriage, relationships, career..... It hits you at every angle…


My every thought, effort, and action revolved around the struggle of having a baby, the yearning for a child...INFERTILITY became MY IDENTITY.


We lost the pregnancy from our IVF transfer in September 2018. ‘Devastation’ does not begin to explain the emotional turmoil that we felt. Left totally confused and at a loss in my faith.... All that once was me, the person I knew myself to be, was gone. My cheerful, motivating, life loving nature was replaced with heartache, bitterness, and anger.


IT BROKE ME DOWN in every way. Like who is this person looking back at me in the mirror. I LOST MYSELF. 😔


My career as a fitness coach took a hit due to the strict workout restrictions through it all. So not only are we constantly reminded of the emptiness in our home with space to spare, but my income has significantly decreased. We maxed out our fertility insurance coverage and spent over $30,000 on our previous treatments and a single IVF cycle, which left us feeling hopeless until I heard of Shady Grove's clinic and programs.


We walked into our initial consultation with the Dr. and immediately felt at ease and comfortable. He reviewed all the results from all our recent tests, investigative procedures, and surgeries we had to repeat once again, and again gave us the news of “unexplained infertility” but CONFIDENTLY stated that if given enough tries that he will get us pregnant.


And that based on our health we were approved for the multi-cycle program!


We had hope again!


Until the bomb was dropped that it will cost nearly $40,000 for everything. Again, we were hit with devastation.


We walked out of the office heart-broken. As we stepped outside the building Chris turned to me with a look of defeat and said. “I guess we have to get used to a future without kids.” My heart broke to even think that true.


She was Brave, and Strong, and Broken....ALL AT ONCE. 🌧💔🌈


All the struggles, heartache, and challenges we have faced has ignited a passion in me to make big waves in the infertility space, to help others know that they are not alone, and to help others facing this same battle get their baby blessing.


I’m sharing this because I hid everything from everyone (all but 4 people) for the past 2 years and it CRUSHED ME inside. INFERTILITY, MISCARRIAGE, DEPRESSION.....shouldn’t be taboo to talk about.


After starting the process of going through IVF AGAIN, I know we not only need financial help from many to make this happen, but also I need the emotional support and encouragement from EVERYONE to get through this.


And I know I’M NOT ALONE in the INFERTILITY BATTLE, so many MEN and WOMEN struggle in silence, crying behind doors, all alone. So if being completely vulnerable in sharing our journey can help one person feel not alone, have their emotions validated, and see that it is ok to ask for help then it’s worth putting it all out there.


Plus being completely real.....we need all the love and support we can get to help baby Cadoret become a reality.


I truly believe that we were meant to go through this ...all the struggles, miscarriages, and heartache.




Because without having gone through this I would not have a burning desire to be an influencer in bringing about positive changes in the infertility space, I would not be able to truly understand the insurmountable heartache and stress that a couple faces, I would not have the level of compassion that drives me to get out of my comfort zone on the daily in order to make a difference and help others.


I am excited and eager to use my experience and all that I learn as we raise the funds needed to proceed with our next IVF treatment to then help others afford the necessary treatments to grow their little families.


Amid the financial struggle and job changes, I have somehow found the light inside myself again.


👇🏼And so HERE I AM, once MY ALL to winning this battle 🤰


💫And you begin again.

And sometimes you lose, sometimes you win,

But you begin again.

Even though your heart is breaking,

In time the sun will shine

And you will begin again. 💫




~ Here’s to making Baby Cadoret a Reality! And starting a movement to help so many others in the process! ~

1) GIVE whatever you can. No donation is too small.

2) SHARE on social media (#BabyCadoret2020)

3) EMAIL this page - - to your family + friends.


With gratitude,

Naomi & Chris Cadoret

Latest Update

Feeling incredibly blessed to have so many of you in our corner! 🤗 Chris and I so appreciate all the efforts made to share our Pampered Chef fundraiser with your friends 👭, the many of you that placed orders that contributed to our IVF campaign 💗, and my sweet friend Lauren for putting it all together and selflessly donating her commission. 🥰 Another $424 was raised and is so helpful! 🙌🏼 Christopher and I are so grateful. 😘💗😘 We still have a ways to go, but every effort and donation helps. Making #BabyCadoret2020 a reality. Our full story and if it aligns with your heart, the link to contribute.👇🏼

Posted by Naomi

February 5 at 2:53pm

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IVF update! $9,685 raised! YA’LL ARE AMAZING! 🙌🏼 We have a ways to go still but I know we can and will do it! We have the absolute BEST, most CARING, and SELFLESS community! 👭👫👬 It’s taking many hands 🤝, but that just means we have more people in our corner - in the ring - taking on this fight with us! 💥🥊 WE ARE NOT ALONE and you all show us this EVERY DAY with your support! 🥰🤗 Please help us PUSH to raise $15,000. I know it’s possible; you guys have already shown what seemed to be impossible IS possible. 🌟 Every effort, every share of our fundraiser, every post reaching out to your friends and family, every supportive comment, every dollar....... IT ALL HELPS. 🙏🏼 There are no words that can express the level of gratitude we have for each and every one of you and all the love shown to us. 🥰😘😘😘 Making #BabyCadoret2020 a reality! 💫🤰🏻🤱🏻 Link to donate if you would like to: ⤵️

Posted by Naomi

January 7 at 3:49am

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