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Wheels for 'The Lindas'

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A hardship fund forLinda Parr / Linda Suba

$4,335 given of $8,000 goal

Wheels for 'The Lindas'

Started by: Brian Shelton


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Our friend, Linda Parr, was involved in back-to-back hit-and-run crashes, the second of which caused her insurance company to declare her handicap-accessible van a "total loss.” The insurance company is providing her $18,538.40, which is nowhere close to enough to replace her vehicle. This leaves her without reliable transportation or a way for her to transport her mobility ’scooter,’ which she relies on for mobility outside her home. Linda doesn’t have the resources to be able to cover the difference needed to replace her van, causing additional hardship due to challenges getting to and from work, etc.


If you know Linda, you know she hates asking for help, which is why we're asking for her. If you don't know Linda, let me tell you a little bit about her, her situation, and why it would mean the world to me (and her) if you'd consider helping.

The immediate need for Linda is to obtain reliable transportation that will accommodate her mobility 'scooter.’

Linda’s handicap-accessible van was struck by a hit-and-run driver in December. She battled with her insurance company and saved her van from being declared a total loss. They repaired it.

Then, just days after getting her van back, another hit-and-run driver crashed into her.

This time, her van was not able to be saved. This leaves her without reliable transportation or a way to transport her scooter, which she relies on for mobility outside of her home.

The insurance company is providing her $18,538.40 for the loss of her van.

That is nowhere close to the amount she will need to replace it with another reliable, handicap-accessible vehicle. And, she simply doesn't have the resources to make up the difference.

*** She needs a van. We can help. ***

We can make up the difference for her to get a reliable replacement van - not a brand new top-of-the-line luxury cruiser. Our goal is to raise $12,500, which would cover the difference remaining after the insurance check is applied.

My wife and I joined Linda and her wife, Linda Suba (Soo-buh), for lunch today (Feb. 7) to talk about how we might be able to help. Suba (that’s what we call her!) was telling us that she couldn’t get Linda to go look at vans, at which point Linda began to cry and confessed the reason she didn’t want to go look at vans was because she was afraid she’d find one that would work and knew that she wouldn’t be able to pay for it.

It broke my heart, to be honest. Linda’s a tough cookie (or so she’d have you believe), so to see her so vulnerable was truly a moving experience for me. It was time to rally the troops. Enter Plumfund.

My hope is that I know enough people who have big, compassionate hearts, and the willingness and means to help us (in any way, large or small) get Linda a van.


If you are in the Indianapolis theatre community, you likely know Linda Parr. She has music directed, vocal directed, and accompanied shows at nearly every area theatre (Buck Creek, Footlite, Mud Creek, Center Stage, Hendricks Civic, Carmel Community Players, The CAT, The Biz, Westfield Playhouse, Lawrence County Community Theatre, more!).

If you’ve ever worked with Linda (she’s played for your audition, vocal or music directed your show, played in your pit orchestra), consider making a donation (in any amount) as a way to say ‘thank you.’

Regardless of whether you are able to contribute monetarily or not, you can still help. Share this Plumfund campaign on your social networks, email your friends and family. Simply spread the word and encourage folks to help.


Linda is a remarkable person. She’s passionate about the environment, recycling, and social justice causes. She volunteers for Chihuahua and Italian Greyhound rescues. She has served as music director, pianist, organist for multiple church organizations for 50+ years. She has taught CPR & first aid classes for the American Red Cross and American Heart Association for 20 years.

She’s an incredible musician. In addition to everything you read about her above, she is also classically trained. She graduated from the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music (trumpet and piano, with a minor in conducting). She has played for renowned artists including Sandi Patty, Margaret Harshaw, Ray Boltz, Jennie Devoe, Fiora Contino, Pablo Cassals and others.

She graduated from Anderson University School of Theology with a Master of Divinity and has completed Doctoral work at Ball State University in adult, continuing, and higher education.

Linda has been married to her wife, Linda Suba, for 20 years, without whom she says she could not do what she does now. “The Lindas” have five adult children and 11 grandchildren.


We chose Plumfund because it is well-established and positioned as the best online “crowd-gifting” platform. It’s different from platforms like Kickstarter and GoFundMe, which are more tailored to serve startup fundraising for products and causes. Additionally, with Plumfund, you don’t have to hit any goals in order to keep your funds either. What you raise, you keep. That, and their fees are as good or better than most.

Latest Update

Good morning! I want to provide an update on our Plumfund for "The Lindas." Your generosity and kindness have been nothing short of inspiring. Together, we have raised nearly $4,000 to help Linda get her van. And, the Universe has taken notice. Linda was able to find a reliable van that will work for her at less than originally expected! As a result, we are lowering our goal amount to $8,000, which means we have an even better chance to meet it! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! To everyone who has donated, shared, prayed, or otherwise sent positive energy into the world to help these ladies, our deepest gratitude. Please continue to share the campaign... and your love.

Posted by Brian

February 21 at 3:15pm

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60 Supporters

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  • Don & Julie Sharton12 weeks ago Love you guys 💜
  • Sylvia Maiuri12 weeks ago Best wishes.
  • David Brenner12 weeks ago Wishing you all the best!
  • Anonymous12 weeks ago
  • Susan Rardin12 weeks ago You go girls!
  • Mary Armstrong-Smith12 weeks ago Love to the Lindas.
  • Jill Stewart13 weeks ago Love you both❤️ Thanks for everything you do!
  • Mary Carlson13 weeks ago hope this helps! Love and blessings
  • Lynne & Scott13 weeks ago Best wishes.
  • Gary N Houdek13 weeks ago Heartfelt wishes. You're the Best.
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