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Nut Hut Launch!

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A project fund forShorel Kleinert

$18,067 given of $37,789 goal

Nut Hut Launch!

Started by: Shorel Kleinert


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In a small, forgotten corner of the world, among the foothills of the Himalayas, walnuts are grown by a remote people. Help us start a business that impacts whole communities with lasting change for the better.

The villagers are growing the walnuts, but have little market. We are launching a wholesale walnut processing and marketing enterprise, beginning with a single processing center, which will enable us to help the growers produce better quality walnuts and bring more income home. We have structured the business in such a way that we can launch with just the first item on our wish list: the moisture meters. Every item after that only allows us to become more effective in our operations.

Once we are fully operational, the dryer will be capable of drying 1.5 to 2 tons of personally verified organic walnuts every 24 hours. We could sell them as is or we can move them on to the shelling process in phase 2. Our goal is to be self-sufficient and annually build a new processing unit (aka. Nut Hut) within a village to provide employment for 20+ villagers. The Nut Hut Managers will be trained to conduct community impact projects (build water wells, provide clean water to schools, conduct agricultural consultations, etc.) in the village and surrounding areas.

We have local staff on the ground and ready to start. We have business advisors. We have a business registration. We have a partnership with a major community development organization. Now it’s time to move forward with the actual Nut Hut. Harvest starts mid-August. We hope to have the phase 1 drying equipment in place by then, with the phase 2 equipment arriving as soon as possible.

Thank you for believing in this vision!

Ps. Plumfund makes it quite convenient to donate money and only charges 2.9%+.30 per transaction. However, if you have a paypal account, or would like to donate via check, your full amount will be donated without fees. Please contact me for instructions how to do so. Thank you!


General Contribution

Something is going to come up. A unknown stamp tax. High electricity bill. Giant Panda eats half the walnuts. This is a small beginner emergency fund to keep Murphy away.



General Fund - $25

A smaller amount, but one giant leap for nutters everywhere!


29 left

Moisture Analyzers ($1186)

A water activity meter and moisture analyzer will be used to determine the proper level of drying and to prevent overdrying the walnuts and losing market weight.



Reverse Blade Centrifugal Blower ($500-1400)

A minimum 9600 m3/hr air volume and 900Pa total static pressure will dry walnuts in a 4 stage walnut drying tower. $500 will purchase a direct shaft drive, while $1400 will purchase a belt drive model



Drying Tower - Base ($400)

This is where the air will come in and be directed upwards towards the walnuts. This is also where the finished walnuts will come out of the dryer. Imagine the smell of fresh dried walnuts!


1 left

Drying Tower - 4 levels ($500 ea.)

A 25ft tall, 4 level stacked drying tower. Wet walnuts are loaded into the top, and are mixed as they move down each level. It's thermal efficient. It dries 1.5-2 tons/24hrs. This is the main machine!



Huller ($620)

Allows us to buy the walnuts straight off the tree from the farmers. The Huller will remove the hulls and clean the nuts so they are ready for drying.



Commercial Propane Heater ($375-$1105)

Adding heat allows the walnuts to dry faster. Increasing the air temperature just 20F will shorten the drying time by 1/3. The $1105 dryer will allow to us nearly provide the same airflow as the fan.


1 left

Propane Tanks x 2 ($196)

Two 50Kg propane tanks daisy chained together to blast the drying heater.



Walnut Size Sorter ($884)

A large diameter walnut takes longer to dry than a smaller diameter nut. The sorter allows the walnuts to be sorted into similar sizes for optimal drying and later for optimal cracking.



7 Meter Conveyor ($973)

I like hard work. And it's hard work hauling 50lb bags of wet walnuts up 3 flights of stairs to dump into the top of the dryer. Or, this conveyor will save our backs. :)


6 left

2 Meter Conveyor ($500)

For unloading dried walnuts to storage bins for processing. Comes wheeled so we can use it for the processing line when the time comes.


4 left

3 Phase electrical install

We are buying some 380V 3phase equipment. Well, we need an electrical box to handle that amount of electricity. And while I am pretty handy around the house, I'd like to call in a pro for this one. :)



Initial Walnut Purchase

We need to purchase walnuts at a fair price from the farmers. As such, we need some seed money to purchase the walnuts. Help prime the pump!


34 left

Warehouse Lease

This is the 'hut' part of the nut hut. We will need a place to process and store the walnuts before they are sold.  Note: It probably won't look like this. But one can dream!


9 left

Phase 2: Whole Nut Cracker

As we can't find trained squirrels, this specialty cracker has the ability to crack 440lbs of walnuts per hour. The specialty? The majority of walnuts come out whole, increasing the product value.


1 left

Phase 2: Sorting Belt

The variable speed sorting belt is where our village workers will sit shoulder to shoulder to remove the majority of shell from the cracked walnuts.


6 left

Phase 2: Kernel Size Separator ($2567)

Once the nuts are shelled, this machine takes the kernels and separates them into halves, quarters, medium and small pieces.


17 left

Phase 2: Shell Aspirator

Aspirator is just a fancy French word that means "to remove by suction". This gadget will remove the majority of shell fragments by method of aspiration. Because you deserve fragment free brownies. 



Phase 2: Equipment Import (est $3500)

The above "speciality" equipment has to be shipped from overseas by container...and hopefully faster than an ancient Chinese boat.


20 left

Phase 2: Boxes and Bags

This will help us purchase the initial run of boxes and bags in which to ship the walnut kernels.


8 left

58 Supporters

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  • HOLLY MATHEWS17 weeks ago a gift from Trinity Baptist Church in Moscow, Idaho
  • liu bi24 weeks ago Best wishes.
  • Carla Liu25 weeks ago May the Lord bless the work of your hands. Best wishes.
  • FBCMustang25 weeks ago
  • Anonymous35 weeks ago
  • Mark & Melody Boyd38 weeks ago We are praying every day for you all...Hugs!!❤️
  • B.R.38 weeks ago
  • B.W.41 weeks ago
  • Anonymous43 weeks ago
  • Jarrell Jones43 weeks ago Best wishes.
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Latest Update

It's been too long since I posted an update. (A flu, broken rib and a slough of friend and family issues set me back a little.) First, we have reached the 45% funding mark with $16492 having been donated by believers in the Nut Hut vision like yourself. Second, the Nut Hut is operational with some drying boxes and the main dryer coming soon. We are now focused on moving to Phase 2 with the cracking line. Thank you so much for believing in the Nut Hut vision!

Posted by Shorel

October 17 at 2:43am

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Nut Hut update (20190902): We are now at 24.3% (let's just say 25% shall we?) of our overall funding! $8852. The fan has been bought. The stainless steel is ready to be welded. The burner is in fabrication. A warehouse has been found (for less than we expected!) A corner of my room stacking up with small gadgets for the moisture monitoring and securing of the dryer. It's starting to look real folks! Thank you for making the vision happen! You are part of the story!

Posted by Shorel

September 3 at 2:53am

First Last (Not First? Sign Out)

Because of you we have hit the $3137 (9%) mark! Thank you so much for believing in the vision! If you have selected an item to donate offline, please let me know, as Plumfund doesn't inform me. It only removes the item from the wishlist. This week two engineers are finalizing the plans before going to the fabrication. You are making this happen!

Posted by Shorel

July 29 at 3:02am

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Joe Cantley — 49 weeks ago

Did not select anything. Use as needed

1982 was a good year. Michael Jackson released thriller. Bacteria-produced human insulin became available. I entered 2nd grade. $1982 is also the total count at the end of Nut Hut Launch Day 2! Thank you for believing in the vision!

Posted by Shorel

July 25 at 10:19am

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We are 3% funded! Thank you G.H.!

Posted by Shorel

July 24 at 9:20am

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